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SanDisk SDCZ60 (82-00515-4) Broken Connector

Broken Connector

Here we have a SanDisk 16GB SDCZ60 Series Cruzer Glide Flash Drive with a broken connector that came in with a broken connector. This is a common failure on this generation of flash drives. After frequent use the metal support prongs holding the USB connector to the PCB become weak and break off occasionally ripping the USB +5, D-, D+, and GND pads off the circuit board. In some cases a PCB swap is required where by we take the controller and NAND memory chip storing your data off the damaged circuit board and move them to a donor board. We have many donor PCB’s for different SanDisk flash drive revisions and controllers so if required this isn’t an issue. This flash drive uses the 82-00515 Controller generation (82-00515-4 & 82-00515-5 revisions exist) which was used frequently in SanDisks USB 2.0 generation of flash drives for 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.

Compatible Models
  • SDCZ60-008G
  • SDCZ60-016G
  • SDCZ60-032G
  • SDCZ60-064G
How can I fix the connector?

If you don’t know how to fix it yourself you can send the flash drive in for data recovery. We offer competitive pricing and FREE shipping anywhere within the United States. Simply fill out a work order and mail the drive in with the provided shipping label.