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Unknown 2GB

We received a flash drive without a case. It's a Silicon Motion SM3251Q BA 2GB flash drive w/ Toshiba NAND memory. When inserted into a computer it shows a phantom (grayed out) drive letter. This is the controllers safe mode.…

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Ativa 4GB

We recovered an Ativa 4GB. The drive looks like it's in good condition however there were actually some damaged via's and traces from the USB connector being bumped. The drive uses a Toshiba TC58NC2250G6F controller which is a rebranded Phison…

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We were able to solve the pinout for the FAB8GBHSTS3SI2B & FAB16GHSTS3SI4B monolithic series of flash drives usually found in PNY and HP branded flash drives. It uses a Silicon Motion Controller and Samsung NAND memory. If you need your…

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