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Priority Service     •     Flat Rate Pricing     •     Secure Encrypted Environment

You may only get one chance to recover your data. Don’t let just anyone work on your media, we have over a decade worth of experience working in flash media. Flash media can fail for many reasons power surges, damaged connectors, cell degradation. Whatever the cause we can likely recover it.

Need your data recovered? We keep it simple, fill out a ticket which generates a free shipping label, once we receive the media we’ll look at it within a day and email you a file list for you to verify. If everything looks good you pay online and we’ll copy the data to another flash drive and mail it back. If you’re in a rush we can email or FTP the data so you can get it back the same day.

Who We Are

We specialize exclusively in data recovery from USB Flash Drives, CompactFlash (CF), and Secure Digital (SD) cards. Using the latest tools and techniques, we boast one of the highest success rates in the industry. Since 2007, we have been recovering data from individuals to large enterprises.

We Specialize In
  • Broken Connectors
  • Undetected flash drives (dead)
  • Off Chip Recovery
  • Removable Disk or Format Errors
  • Monolithic Recovery
Honest Pricing

Most data recovery companies squeeze you for every penny. Unlike them, our service is based on a flat rate, no data no fee, model. Specializing in flash media requires expensive tools and constant training, this costs money.

Our flat rates are based on the capacity of the media not the amount of data you have because it can take hours or days to read some memory chips only to extract a few gigabytes of data.

Better Service
  • Same/Next Day Service on most failures
  • Free shipping (USA)
  • No hidden fees
  • No diagnostic or parts fee’s
  • Flat rate pricing
  • 98% Success Rate on most brands
  • Fast Email Responses
  • No charge if we can’t recover your data
  • File list verification before you pay
  • Safe online PayPal payments
  • Encrypted workspace for your data security
Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my data?

Our workspaces and servers all encrypt your data using military grade AES-256bit encryption. Data is retained for one week once returned to you to prevent against lost in mail cases. Only the technician working on your specific case has access to your data. Unless specifically requested by you, data validation is done programmatically using file headers and structures allowing us to check file quality without needing to open your files.

What is your turnaround time?

It depends on the case. If it’s traditional flash media (with a separate memory chip) generally same to next day. If it’s monolithic (all in one chip) it can take one to two weeks. The majority of cases are traditional flash media unless its MicroSD or special design (eg: micro-sized).

What will my files look like when returned?

In the vast majority of cases, the filenames and folder structure will be the same. In rare cases, you might need to go through certain files and rename them. Typically all the files will be recovered. If the flash drive failed while writing a file that file might be corrupt.

How will I get my data back?

We copy the data onto a flash drive and mail it back with the original media. If you are in a rush for the recovery we can upload it to our secure server and you can download it.

How do I package my media?

In a small box, bubble mailer or padded envelope, don’t use a regular paper envelope. The sorting machines at the post office will shred through them.

The connector broke off my flash drive, can you recover my data?

That’s what we do, in 99.9% of the cases we can recover your data however if you have a monolithic flash drive, it makes things a little more tricky but it still might be possible.


Okay, I don’t have that kind of money, but thank you.

If your data is legitimately important and you can’t afford our standard pricing contact us and make a legitimate offer. If its something simple it still may be worth our time on a case by case basis. Please include the media manufacture, model if available, capacity, problem and if possible an image.

Advanced Evaluation and Diagnosis

We’re able to do component level diagnosis and repair to recover your data. Other data recovery companies stop at broken connectors or off-chip recovery. We know which components fail and on what media to get the best quality recovery possible for your case.

You may only get one chance to recover your data, having the proper team behind you to recover your information may be the difference between getting everything or getting nothing.


I cannot thank you enough for your superior customer service and quality work. Prior to finding you on a Google search, I called 2 other places who quoted me 8+ weeks and $1,500 to "possibly" recover my data. I was shocked when I called you and actually spoke to a real person who understood my situation and was exceptionally helpful. I overnighted my drive and Jeremy worked on it OVER THE WEEKEND to get me files I needed by Sunday night. I can't even describe how amazing this was! I went from being totally irate about having possibly lost all of my work for the last several years, to feeling totally confident that I was in good hands and all would be ok. On top of that, your rates were so incredible, especially after the other quotes I'd been given. Prior to finding you, I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place and you turned it into a non-issue.

I work as a professor who is obviously sometimes careless. I'd not been backing up my students grades and got away with it for many years. This all changed about a week ago when my flash drive died a cruel death. I went to several data recovery services that would have taken too long to repair it . Thankfully I found Jeremy and Recover My Flash Drive. He retrieved my data in a matter of two days and now the Fall 2017 is saved and saved. Jeremy answered my many nervous questions and put me at ease making an extremely stressful time bearable.

Thank you so much for everything you have done to recover the data off the damaged media I sent to you.
I can not wait to see my parents reaction when I give them their photos they thought were lost for good.
Thanks to you and Recover My Flash Drive they have their photos and memories back.
I certainly will recommend your company in the future to anyone that may think their media is lost for ever.

Thank you so much for your speedy recovery of my USB Flash drive. My Flash drive has been damaged for four months with no hope of recovery. Everyone I called, everyone I emailed had no resolution.
The Drive is has thousands of dollars worth of Client information that I thought was lost, but thanks to you guys at
“Recover My Flash Drive” I’ll be able to restore my client files.

I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for an excellent job!

This correspondence is to extend my sincere gratitude to you and Recover My Flash Drive. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your rapid response and level of professionalism made a stressful situation hopeful and possible due your skill for repair. I will always be in your gratitude and always eager to spread the word of your successful work.