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Recovering Deleted Pictures

There are a few "PRO" file recovery programs like R-Studio used by data recovery companies, but there are some lesser known free applications that are just as good. In this video, I show how to use Image Explorer from Soft-Center…

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Broken Connectors on Latest SanDisk BGA Model

We're starting to see a new generation of SanDisk Flash Drives com in with BGA-132 NAND chips. These circuit boards have a manufacture code of 54-50-07004 R1 and are dated 2013 with a 82-00515-5 controller. So far they've come in…

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SanDisk Flash Drive Not Recognized

Flash drives are mini computers with their own operating system called firmware. If the firmware is corrupt or unable to load because of an issue with the flash memory chip, the flash drive will boot into safe mode. When a…

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