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What’s new at RMFD for July

Here’s the quick Run Down:

  1. New customer management system
  2. Completed migration from UPS to USPS
  3. Testing a “We’ll ship you the packaging material” program.

For the last month we’ve been busy designing a implementing a new customer management system to track your recovery every step of the way. From the moment it’s scanned by USPS it’s in our system and tracked. Once we receive the job it’s checked in and you can monitor each stage of the recovery online. You can approve the job, preview the recovered data, pay for it, and get a shipping tracking number. It’s pretty cool! I think it really separates us from our competitors.

For the last two years we’ve provided FREE UPS 2 Day labels for you to ship your media to us. Lately we’ve noticed our shipping costs (don’t get me started on UPS fees and surcharges) had ballooned to the point where we questioned if we should offer this service or raise our prices.

Last month we switched to USPS Priority Mail return shipping labels and couldn’t be happier. Long story short, you can now mail your media from your mailbox, our shipping costs are cut by 75% and we still have 2 Day service from almost everywhere in America.

While brainstorming with the RMFD team we came up with an idea for a pilot program. We’ll ship a pre-paid mailer to mail you. Now you don’t need packaging material, we’ll provide it for free, just put your flash drive in the supplied mailer and put it in your mailbox…. Done!

Anyway, more cool stuff is on its way… so stay tuned.