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Miscellaneous Ramblings

Some Miscellaneous thoughts/ramblings for the month of January for anyone that’s interested.

1. Got some great thank you email’s this week.

Jeremy, I can't thank you enough for saving Olivia from getting a F in this course.
We really appreciate what you did!
- Nancy Werner

Thank you for recovering my data! That was amazingly fast
- Diane

I just wanted to send a note to say THANK YOU!!! I have never had issues with a flash drive before and have very happy that I found your company.  Great service.
- Debbie Dugan

2. We’ve seen a few SM2236 based CF cards come in, interesting design, it has an 8 byte interleave between chips. I’m not sure why Silicon Motion went this route. The last card we got in, a Delkin Devices (nice company) is using an old trick to improve the lifetime of MLC NAND. Use double the amount of NAND and only write to half of it. You don’t get SLC life (100K writes), but it’s generally thought to increase the endurance from 5K writes to 10K writes.


Red = ECC Errors (All Correctable)
Green = Error Free
Gray = No Data.

The ECC errors have an interesting pattern, and it’s consistent through all CE banks. It makes me wonder if there is an issue with the wear leveling code. It seems like every few pages contains an error.

3. Thanks to all the awesome customers that helped raise funds for Paradox Ice.

4. I designed a BGA-132 PCB for our NAND reader, I should get it back from fabrication next week. I also found five errors in the specification and reported them to the standards committee.