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Broken Connectors on Latest SanDisk BGA Model

We’re starting to see a new generation of SanDisk Flash Drives com in with BGA-132 NAND chips. These circuit boards have a manufacture code of 54-50-07004 R1 and are dated 2013 with a 82-00515-5 controller. So far they’ve come in 16GB and 32GB varieties.

There are two issues with these drives. The first is that when the connector snaps it usually takes some of the traces with it. The two middle data traces are very near to the BGA NAND chip making it difficult to solder a replacement connector to. Instead, we need to attach wires to the reverse side of the PCB where the data wires connect to the controller.

The second is that if the PCB snaps when the connector is bent the NAND and possibly the controller must be transplanted to another donor board which requires the NAND chip be reballed.

Either way we can recover the data if needed.

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