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Another Happy Customer

Thank you emails are always awesome… 🙂


I received the new flash drive on Friday. I cannot tell you how happy and relieved I was to be able to open my files again. When my flash drive snapped in half, I asked the IT guy at my job and he said there was nothing I could do. Then I took it to a computer repair place near my job and they told me they could not fix it. They recommended a company that quoted me “somewhere between $700 and $2700” to recover my files. I did a lot of research online and found a place that specialized in fixing only flash drives. They claimed a 96% success rate. I sent them the drive and they told me they could not recover my files. 3 strikes and I could have given up. But those files took years to accumulate and would be impossible to duplicate, so I kept researching online. That is when I found your website and emailed you with my situation. You told me to send you the drive, that it was worth giving it a shot. Well the 4th try was the charm! I am so relieved and grateful for the service that you provide, You are a lifesaver!

Thanks again,